The Common Properties feature

The Common Properties feature adds job and document properties that are useful for transaction processing and tracking purposes.

The job properties are not associated with a step template but can be set in a workflow using the AssignJobValues step or the Manage job defaults action in the Workflow Editor. If you use the Manage job defaults action, the job properties are shown in the job property notebook. If you use the AssignJobValues step, they are not shown on the job property notebook.

You can use these job properties in rules defined on connectors in your worklow. You can use these properties when searching for jobs in the Jobs table.

The document properties can be set using the SetDocPropsFromList or SetDocPropsFromConditions step or other steps that set values for document properties. If you have the Preference Management feature installed, you can set values for these document properties using a property mapping from a preferences file.

You can use these job and document properties when searching for documents in the Documents portlet. You can also use these document properties to sort and group documents and to store in a repository if you have the Archive feature installed.

Job properties

Database name Notebook field name Data type
Job.ApplicationID Application ID String128
Job.ApplicationSubType Application Sub-type String128
Job.ApplicationType Application Type String128
Job.ClientID Client ID String32
Job.CompanyID Company ID String128
Job.CompanyName Company name String128
Job.CycleDate Cycle Date Date
Job.CycleID Cycle ID String32
Job.DeliveryMethod Delivery Method String128
Job.DocumentSubType Document Sub-Type String128
Job.DocumentType Document Type String128
Job.DueDate Due date Time
Job.FoldType Fold Type String128
Job.IssueDate Issue Date Time
Job.LineOfBusiness Line of Business String128
Job.WorkflowType Workflow Type String128

Document properties

Database name Notebook field name Data type
Doc.ApplicationID Application ID String128
Doc.ApplicationSubType Application Sub-type String128
Doc.ApplicationType Application Type String128
Doc.ClientID Client ID String32
Doc.CompanyID Company ID String128
Doc.CompanyName Company name String128
Doc.CycleDate Cycle Date Date
Doc.CycleID Cycle ID String32
Doc.DeliveryMethod Delivery Method String128
Doc.DocumentSubType Document Sub-Type String128
Doc.DocumentType Document Type String128
Doc.DueDate Due date Time
Doc.FoldType Fold Type String128
Doc.IssueDate Issue Date Time
Doc.LineOfBusiness Line of Business String128
Doc.WorkflowType Workflow Type String128