Shows the action that the system takes when it processes this document after reconciliation. If the operator requests a new action during reconciliation, that action overrides the initial value of this property. (See the Requested action property.) The system sets the initial value based on the status of the document.


Not set (or blank)
No action is set. For inserters, either a results file was not returned, or the system could not interpret the status code for the document. For Automated Verification, a blank value means that the barcode on a document has not been read yet. If you do not have the Inserter or Automated Verification feature, the action for all documents is a blank value.
Do not reprint the document.
Do not reprint the document, and mark it pulled (removed from the job). Pull is the default action when the document status is Pulled.
Reprint the document. For inserters, use the Reprint method for the inserter controller. Reprint is the default action when the document status is Damaged or Attention.
Database name