Parsing rules file

Specifies the path and file name of the rules file that the system uses to parse (analyze) the records in the inserter results file. Most inserter controllers create a results file after they finish inserting a job.


Up to 255 characters (bytes)
Not set
Database name

Usage notes:

  • This property is required.
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector provides sample rules files for several inserters in the inserter directory:

    • /aiw/aiw1/samples/control_files/inserter on AIX and Linux

    • C:\aiw\aiw1\samples\control_files\inserter on Windows

    File names are in this format:

    inserter and xxx differ for each inserter manufacturer.

  • If you specify the Send command or Polling command property, this property must contain a value.
  • For information about the syntax of inserter rules files, see the Ricoh ProcessDirector information center.