Send command

Specifies the command or script that the system uses to send the inserter control file to the inserter controller. The command can contain symbols to pass values of job properties on the command. For example, you can use the ${Job.Inserter.JobID} symbol to specify the value of the Inserter job name property.


Up to 1024 characters (bytes)
Default -p 644 -d /aiw/aiw1/System/icf/inserter_in/${Job.Inserter.JobID}.icf
Database name

Usage notes:

  • If the inserter controller does not use control files, do not specify this property.
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector provides scripts to send the inserter control file for the job to a directory that the inserter controller can access:

    • On AIX and Linux, the scripts include:,,,, and

    • On Windows, use and

  • The -d option is required. It specifies the destination directory and file name of the inserter control file.
  • The -p option is optional. It specifies the permissions to assign to the inserter control file in the destination directory.
  • If you specify a command or script that is not in a directory specified in the PATH environment variable, specify the full path name of the command or script.
  • For information about symbols and scripts, see the Ricoh ProcessDirector information center.