Banner page form definition

Specifies the name of the AFP form definition that the BuildAFPFromZip step uses when it adds a header or trailer page to the job it creates. The form definition controls the placement of data on the banner pages. It also defines other formatting information, such as a bin number for the printer device. For example, with cut-sheet printers, the header page can print on paper that is a different color than the paper color for the job.


Up to 8 alphanumeric characters (bytes)
Case-sensitive; can include these special characters: # $ @

Database name

Usage notes:

  • The form definition must reside in one of the directories that the AFP resource path printer property specifies or in one of these directories:
    • In the /aiw/aiw1/resources directory
    • In the /usr/lpp/psf/reslib directory
  • Banner pages are not supported on Ricoh ProcessDirector for Windows.