XPath expression to create jobs

Specifies an XPath expression that identifies an element. Each time a step based on the CreateJobsFromXML step template finds a matching element in the XML input file, it creates an XML file. The step submits each new XML file as a job to the workflow set by the Workflow for new jobs property.

For example, the XPath expression is /customer/order/item. Each time the step finds an item element that is a child of /customer/order in the XML input file, the step creates an XML file and submits it as a job.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • You can use any valid XPath expression.

  • This value is optional when you specify step properties, but it is required when the CreateJobsFromXML step runs.

  • You can use Ricoh ProcessDirector symbol notation in the XPath expression. For example, /${Job.CustomerName}/orderID sets the name of an element in the XPath expression to the name of the customer for the job. For more information about symbol notation and how to use it, refer to the help system.