Specifies the type of collation that the printer uses when printing multiple copies of the job.


Not set (Default)
Use the default setting for the printer.
Print all the copies of each sheet before printing the next sheet. For example, if you print 10 copies of a 3-page job with this setting, the printer outputs 10 copies of page 1, then 10 copies of page 2, then 10 copies of page 3.
For each print file in the job, print all the pages of the file in the order that they appear before printing the next copy. For example, if you print 50 copies of a 10-page packet, the printer outputs pages 1-10 for the first copy, then pages 1-10 for the second copy, and so on, until 50 copies are printed.

Database name

Usage note: You can only use this property when you print to a Ricoh PDF printer.