Identical mail piece weight

Specifies the weight of a mail piece when all mail pieces in a job have the same weight.


Up to 32 characters (bytes)

Database name

Usage notes:

  • Type the value in the format required by your postal software. For example, a mail piece weighs 0.8 ounce. The correct input for one software program might be 0.8. For another program, it might be 80.
  • The units are specified by your software program. Consult your postal software documentation for additional information on how to enter units.
  • To use this property, set the value of the Use variable measurements property to No.
  • If your postal software does not accept variable weights, you can weigh a representative sample. For example, you weigh 30 mail pieces. Their total weight is 60 ounces. Divide the total weight by the number of mail pieces, and enter that value for this property.