Results file descriptor

Specifies the path and file name to the file that lists which property values you want the ExportFromRepository step to retrieve from the repository and include in the export results file. You can also select a step resource object as the value for the property instead of providing a path and filename. Using a step resource lets you change the specific file without editing all of the workflows that contain the step that uses the file.


Not set

Database name

Usage notes:

  • If you do not set the Results file descriptor, all property values for each of the repository entries matching the Search criteria are returned.
  • Each row of the Results file descriptor file must be written on a separate line.

    For example, if the repository entry has the properties: Document.Name, Document.Account, Document.Level, Document.Region, Document.Zip, Document.Agent You want to include three of the properties and their values in the export results file. The Results file descriptor file contains:Document.LevelDocument.RegionDocument.Agent