Fold options

Specifies how to fold the job or large sheets in the job, whether to fold all the sheets together (overlap or collate), and whether the front side of the sheet ends up on the outside rather than the inside of the fold.


None (default)
No folding options are set.
Z Fold
Folds the paper twice as a Z-shape.
Z Fold Large Paper
Same as Z-fold, except that it only folds the large sheets in the job.
Double Parallel-Fold
Folds the job in four pieces, containing eight panels.
Gate Fold
The left and right edges fold inside and meet in the middle of the page without overlapping. The middle panel is larger, to accommodate the left and right panels when closed.
Letter FoldOut
Applies two folds to create three equal panels.
Folds the job once, creating two equal halves.

If the Saddle fold option is selected when a folding unit is not attached to the printer, the output is not folded.

Booklet folds down, also called booklet fold.

May be used to fold output in half that is not a booklet.

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