Retrieval pattern

The pattern-matching string that Ricoh ProcessDirector uses to identify a returned job in the retrieval folder. The value uses regular expression syntax and characters in the value are case-sensitive. For example, .*CMD$,.*XLS$ represent patterns that are different from .*cmd$,.*xls$. Separate multiple patterns by commas; do not type a space between them.

The default retrieval pattern string is ${Job.Id}.*. In this string:

  • ${Job.Id} is the symbol notation for the Job number property.

    Ricoh ProcessDirector looks up the value of this property for the current job and inserts that value in the string, replacing the symbol notation.

  • Period (.) matches a single occurrence of any character.
  • Asterisk (*) matches zero or more occurrences of the preceding expression.
Database name

Usage note: Retrieval pattern is a positional job property. For information about using positional job properties, refer to the Information Center.