Specifies the primary media for the job. The value can come from the job, job ticket, or workflow.
Not set

In the job property notebook, you can use the toggle control to the right of the property name to change the media objects that are included in the list. The toggle options are:

The list shows only media that are loaded and ready in the requested printer.
The list shows media that the requested printer supports. Media that is both supported and ready in the printer appears at the top of the list.
The list includes all media objects that are defined. Media that is ready is listed first, followed by supported media, then any remaining media.

On the Workflow page, the toggle button is not available; the list always displays all media.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • If you do not specify a value, the printer uses the media that is loaded in the default tray.
  • If a value is specified for the Media, Duplex, or Output bin job property for an AFP job, Ricoh ProcessDirector ignores that value in the form definition.
  • Both the Scheduling and the Page Exception tabs in the Job property notebook include this property; you cannot change its value on the Page Exception tab.
  • If the job requires more than one type of media, such as cardstock for covers or colored paper for chapter dividers, use the Page Exception tab to define the other media. If page exceptions are defined, Ricoh ProcessDirector uses the list of media in the Media required property to schedule the job to a printer.