Combined PDF file

Specifies the full path and name of the PDF output file created by a step based on the CombinePDFWithForm step template.
Database name
Usage notes:
  • To create the file, the step combines the electronic forms specified for job and page-exception media with the data in the PDF file for the job.

  • Make sure that the system user has permission to write the output to the PDF file.

  • Use the default value to make sure that other steps in the workflow process this PDF file. If you specify another value, Ricoh ProcessDirector does not process the PDF file with the job.

  • You can use Ricoh ProcessDirector symbol notation for the name of the file. For example, the default value is the name of the PDF print file stored in the spool directory for the job:


    where jobID is the job number.

    For more information about symbol notation and how to use it, refer to the help system.