Process group ID

Specifies the number of the processing group, if any, to which the job belongs. The processing group keeps jobs together as they proceed through the Ricoh ProcessDirector system.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • Ricoh ProcessDirector assigns a value to the Process group ID property for all child jobs.
  • If you select the Add to Group action for a job that is not in a group, Process group ID is set to the same value as the job number.
  • For child jobs, Ricoh ProcessDirector uses the job number of the parent job as the value for this property. Ricoh ProcessDirector can create child jobs from the input files that a list file specifies for a Hot folder input device. If the AFP Support feature is installed, it can also create child jobs from a multi-dataset job sent through Download for z/OS.
  • The Process group order property identifies the position of the job within the group of jobs that have the same Process group ID value.
  • Selecting Remove from Group for a job resets the Process group ID to null.