Search criteria

Specifies the properties and values the RemoveDataFromRepository step uses to search the repository for data. The total number of items removed as a result of the search is displayed in Number of results removed.

You can enter the search criteria directly in the field or store it in a file. If the search criteria is stored in a file, enter the full file path here. The format of the search criteria is the same as the Search query shown in the Results portlet on the Archive tab.


Up to 4096 characters (bytes)

Database name

Usage notes:

  • To get the correct format for the text or the contents of the file, copy the Search query in the Results portlet of the Archive tab starting after the parentheses that indicate the number of results found.
  • The value of this property can contain entries for multiple archive searches. Make sure that each set of entries is on a separate line separated by a carriage return.