Reprint count

Shows how many times a job has been reprocessed for printing.


Not set
The job has been printed only once.
The job has been printed once and then all or part of the job has been processed or printed again.
Database name

Usage notes:

  • Only one version of the job can be printing at a time, the original print job or one reprint. For example, you cannot select two different sets of page ranges and have them print simultaneously on two printers.
  • When the Reprint count property contains a value, the size of the job reflected in the Job size (sheets) property is adjusted for the size of the reprint job. Therefore, if you request to reprint only 100 sheets of a 5000-sheet job, the Job size property changes from 5000 to 100 when the Reprint count property is incremented. The Total sheets property remains 5000. When the reprint is successfully completed, the Cumulative sheets stacked property is 5100 plus any banner pages that were printed.