Sheets stacked

Shows the number of physical sheets that have printed, and that have reached the output stacker of the AFP or Ricoh PDF printer device. The AFP or Ricoh PDF printer reports this information to Ricoh ProcessDirector. Because more than one page can print on a sheet, there might not be a 1:1 relationship between the number of pages and the number of sheets that have stacked. PCLOut printers set this property equal to the number of sheets converted to PCL. Passthrough printers set this property to equal the Total Sheets property, if a valid return code is reported for the printer command. Otherwise, no value is set for this property. You cannot change the value of this property.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • Ricoh ProcessDirector stops updating the value of this property if it receives a Stop request for the AFP or Ricoh PDF job that specifies that the rest of the job should be discarded.
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector recalculates the value of this property if a Process again request or a Print again request is made for the job and the job is printed on an AFP or Ricoh PDF printer. For a job assigned to a Passthrough printer, this property is reset to 0 when a Process again or Print again request occurs and reset to the value in the Total Sheets property when the job is reassigned to a Passthrough printer.
  • The sheets-stacked value includes the sheets that are used for any header pages, separator pages, trailer pages, and message pages that might print for the job.
  • To see updates to the value of this property, view the Status tab of the property notebook for the job and refresh the page.