Files to ZIP

Specifies a comma-separated list of files that a step based on the ZIPFiles step template copies to create a ZIP file.
Database name
Usage notes:
  • You can specify any file that Ricoh ProcessDirector can access as input to the ZIPFiles step, including files on different drives.
  • You cannot specify a directory as input. To specify all the files in a directory, use this value: directory_path/*
  • You can use a question mark (?) to match a single character and an asterisk (*) to match multiple characters in a file name.

    For example, you have a directory with three files: 123.pdf, 124.pdf, and 567.pdf. To match all three files, use this value: directory_path/*.pdf. To match the 123.pdf and 124.pdf files, use this value: directory_path/12?.pdf.

    Characters in the value of the property are case-sensitive. The value directory_path/*.pdf matches 123.pdf but not 456.PDF.

  • You can use Ricoh ProcessDirector symbol notation in the comma-separated list. For example, this value specifies the print.pdf file and overrides.txt file in the spool directory for the job:


    For more information about symbol notation and how to use it, refer to the help system.

  • The ZIPFiles step archives all files in the top-level directory of the ZIP archive. The step does not create a directory structure.