Lets you define one or more properties to monitor for a notification object. Each event consists of an object property, an action, and optionally a value.

When a specified event occurs, it is evaluated along with the Conditions that are set to determine whether notifications are generated.


For email notifications, lists all the eligible properties for the object selected as the Event type.

For history record notifications, the only value available is Current job state.

Specifies the type of changed value Ricoh ProcessDirector monitors for. Select one of these:
Changes (default)
An event is reported if its property value changes.
Changes from
An event is reported if its property value changes from the value in the Value property to a different value.
Changes to
An event is reported if its property value changes to the value in the Value property from a different value.
Specifies the value that Ricoh ProcessDirector uses to decide if an event is reported.

Depending on the property, you can either choose from a list or enter an alphanumeric value.

If a property takes a unit, you cannot change the units. You must specify time values in the smallest unit that the property supports. For example, values for Retention period are in minutes. You must specify measurement values in inches.

If you select the Changes action, you cannot choose or enter a value.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • The Summary field shows the result of your selection in a database query format.
  • To define an additional event, click + to the right of any event. To delete an event, click - to the right of the event you want to delete.
  • Conditions limit the notifications that are generated for the specified event. If no conditions are specified, the system generates notifications whenever the event occurs. If one or more conditions are specified, those conditions must be satisfied before any notifications are generated.
  • For email notifications, the Notification limit property lets you specify how many messages can be sent within a period of time. If the Notification limit is reached and the event happens again before the specified time limit elapses, no notification is sent.
  • If you monitor more than one property, any one property change becomes an event.
  • An email notification is sent if you select the Changes action for a property and you are setting that property for the first time within a workflow. Ignore this notification.
  • The Test button on the Notifications table only applies to email notifications.