Specifies the time interval between the checkpoint start time and when you expect a job to complete this phase.

The checkpoint start time is the same for each phase. The default checkpoint start time is the time a job arrives in the system. However, Ricoh ProcessDirector adjusts the checkpoint start time for a job if the Adjustment method property is Cutoff or Start or the Adjust for no-service periods property is Yes.

The interval for a phase should include the time it takes to complete all previous phases as well as this phase. For example, if the Prepare interval is 4 hours, the Print interval should be 4 hours plus the time you expect it to take to complete the Print phase.

If jobs must finish printing 8 hours after the checkpoint start time, you might specify these intervals:

  • Receive: 1 hour
  • Prepare: 4 hours
  • Print: 8 hours

To calculate the planned checkpoint times, Ricoh ProcessDirector adds the interval for each phase to the checkpoint start time. For example, if the checkpoint start time is 09:00, the planned checkpoint times for the intervals listed above would be:

  • Receive: 10:00
  • Prepare: 13:00
  • Print: 17:00

The time unit can be days, hours, or minutes. Use the control next to the property name to select the time unit for the value.


Database name

Usage notes:

  • If you change the time unit, the value does not change.
  • If you do not specify an interval for a phase, Ricoh ProcessDirector does not set a planned checkpoint for that phase.
  • If you change the interval, the change does not affect the planned checkpoints of existing jobs unless you use the Process Again action to reprocess an existing job from the first step.