Start time (HH:MM)

Specifies the checkpoint start time if the Adjustment method is Cutoff or Start. The checkpoint start time is the start time for the checkpoint intervals specified in the service policy.

You can specify the time in the format hours:minutes. If you see a list next to the value, use it to select AM or PM.


Time format = 24 hours
Time format = 12 hours

AM | PM if present.

If you do not specify AM or PM, the default is AM.

Specify the start time in the local time where jobs are printed. Specify the time zone of the printing location in the Time zone property.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • If Adjustment method is Cutoff or Start, you must specify a start time.
  • If Adjustment method is None, do not specify a start time. Any start time is ignored.
  • If you change the start time, the change does not affect the planned checkpoints of existing jobs unless you use the Process Again action to reprocess an existing job from the first step.