Action list

Specifies one or more actions that can be applied to a PDF file and JDF file before it is sent to the Ricoh PDF or Ricoh TotalFlow printer. Each action has one or more parameters, and each parameter has a value.
Database name

Usage notes:

  • To type an action in the text area, use this syntax:

    Action -param1 value1 -param2 value2

    where Action is the name of an action, -param1 and -param2 are parameters, and value1 and value2 are the values of the parameters. Different actions have different parameters.

    Type each action, its parameters, and the parameter values on a separate line.

    This example has three actions: RemovePages, AddStamps, and RotatePages.

    RemovePages -pages 3-4,9,12-n

    AddStamps -stampsCSV /aiw/aiw1/control_files/actions/stamp1.csv

    RotatePages -rotate 270 -pagetype landscape

    The example specifies a directory path on AIX or Linux.

    This example has one action: CheckOrientation.

    CheckOrientation -ControlUnitJDF TotalFlow

    In this example, JDF appropriate for the Ricoh TotalFlow print server is created for the job based on the orientation value determined by the CheckOrientation program.

    For more information about supported actions and their parameters, see the topic about the EnhancePDF step template in the Ricoh ProcessDirector Information Center. The actions that can be specified on that step template can also be specified on this printer property.

  • The actions are executed in the order that they appear on the list, from top to bottom.
  • An action can appear on the list more than once, with different parameter values.