Printer server

Specifies the name of the Ricoh ProcessDirector server that sends jobs to this printer. On AIX and Linux systems, the list for this property contains application and secondary servers that are currently enabled and connected to the primary server.

System; this value is the name of the primary server that the Ricoh ProcessDirector installation program creates.
Database name

Usage notes:

  • You cannot change the value of this property when there is a job assigned to the printer.
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector automatically shuts down and restarts the printer when you change the server.
  • Custom PDF printers and Ricoh PDF printers must be defined on a printer server that uses the Linux or Windows operating system. If the primary server for Ricoh ProcessDirector is AIX, those printers must be defined on a Linux secondary server or a Windows application server. If the printer is a Ricoh TotalFlow printer, you can use any server as the printer server.
  • You are not required to tune the PrintJobs step when you choose a secondary server for this value.