SFTP RSA key entry

Specifies the public key entry used when connecting to the SFTP server.

At a command prompt, run the following command to obtain the contents for this field:

ssh-keyscan -t rsa sftp_server_hostname

where sftp_server_hostname is the hostname of your SFTP server.

The output of this command is a comment followed by a line containing the hostname, encryption algorithm, and the key. For example:

# sftp_server_hostname SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_7.4

sftp_server_hostname ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDFWdSRwRx8k0kwC1+1QSNZFZoKLiH3/jGfifpWkPPlCB4g9bRo1UtVd20DPttOwl0Uqe5IYf1A1zUbWVOkUCC+CNvAyBCPdL1YYwclgtku0OwR6vKhCqPRgBjojOOOsR02t/CU5YXP1PaJaR+as0/5aajnw9sxf/ldx3KsSbcMhteh8fi9xZPHvyhnww4K600PdKPkToJdCH4BNdM++xq1pWNiVh9oDbytCwGyhL+TuP5u4cdP7VY9leS+pnYR7HzW4SzBpUC6fVbpiQh4OWklFmAKJrxTK9GZOOg8VrYjzSWcTEbyU1DURflxLxPbFPmaQh0BIdS6t0udbeHH6CEH

Copy the entire string starting with sftp_server_hostname and paste it into the SFTP RSA key entry field. Then replace sftp_server_hostname with the hostname of your SFTP server.

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