Maximum active count

Specifies how many occurrences of the steps that are created from this step template can run concurrently. The count is based on the number of a specified type of object in the Ricoh ProcessDirector system. Ricoh ProcessDirector objects are servers, input devices, and printers. For example, a step can be limited to one per input device so that Ricoh ProcessDirector does not try to run more instances of this step than there are input devices.


Data type
Integer from 1-99

Database name

Usage notes:

  • Use the Limit the number of concurrent steps active in the system to option on the Step Template Tuning Properties page of the Ricoh ProcessDirector interface to set this property.
  • The Maximum active object type property for the step template identifies the Ricoh ProcessDirector object to which the value applies.
  • This property applies only to step templates that do not require significant server resources. Ricoh ProcessDirector uses this property only if the Requires significant server resource property for the step template is set to No.