LDAP server

Specifies either the network IP address or the fully-qualified host name of one or more LDAP servers and the port that the system uses for authentication.


Up to 255 characters
  • You can enter one or more network IP addresses or fully qualified host names for LDAP servers.
  • A colon (:) must separate the hostname/IP address and the port number. For example, infopages.prod.yourcompany.com:389 or
  • If you enter more than one address or name for LDAP servers, they must be delimited by a semicolon (;). For instance, infopages.prod.yourcompany01.com:389;infopages.prod.yourcompany02.com:389 or;
  • If you enter an IP address, the value can contain numbers and periods in the dotted-decimal format: nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn. The value for nnn in each position must be 255 or less.

Database name

Usage note: Ricoh ProcessDirector does not support IPv6 connections for LDAP servers.