Hosts allowed to submit LPD jobs

Lists hosts that are allowed to submit jobs to LPD input devices using the LPD protocol. Separate host names or IP addresses with semicolons.

The asterisk, *, represents zero or more characters. A list value of * means that all hosts are allowed to submit jobs. Values that contain only digits (0-9), decimal points (.), and asterisks (*) are compared to the IP address of the incoming connection. Values that contain one or more alphabetic characters (A-Z, a-z) are compared to the host name of the incoming connection.

An empty list value means that no hosts are allowed to submit jobs.

If you experience long wait times or missing jobs, set the LPD host entries to IP addresses or to fully qualified host names (such as instead of *

Database name

Usage note: If an LPD device is created on an AIX computer, this list is not used to restrict access. The /etc/hosts.lpd file on the AIX system is used instead.