Copying step templates

Ricoh ProcessDirector provides step templates that you can use to create custom step templates. You can then use the custom step templates to define steps that you can add to workflows.
For example, you might want to have a manual step that many workflows use for a quality check. You can copy the ManualStepWithAutoStart step template to create a new step template called QualityCheck. Then, you can add steps to your workflows based on the QualityCheck step template.
  • Some step templates, such as PrintJobs and RemoveJobs, cannot be copied. You see an error message if you try to copy them.

To copy a step template:

  1. Click the Workflow tab.
  2. In the left pane, click Step templates.
  3. Right-click the step template that you want to copy and select Copy.
  4. On all the tabs, fill in the required and optional properties.
  5. Click OK.