Setting tolerances for media objects

Setting tolerance values for media size, media weight, and recycled content lets Ricoh ProcessDirector account for small differences in the values that different printers report for the same media.

When new media is loaded in a printer’s input tray, Ricoh ProcessDirector compares the media values to existing media objects. Property values for media height, width, weight, and recycled content are considered an exact match if they are within specified tolerances. If the values do not match any existing objects, Ricoh ProcessDirector adds a new media object with those values. If you are using a Ricoh PDF printer that returns media information in JMF, tolerance values are not considered when comparing media objects.

To set tolerances for media objects:
  1. Determine the size, weight, and recycled content values for different media objects that you want Ricoh ProcessDirector to recognize as the same media object.
    For example, one printer reports the weight of plain letter paper as 81 gsm. Another printer reports 80 gsm. A third printer reports 83 gsm. If the media object’s Media weight property is 81 gsm, set the Weight tolerance property to at least 2 gsm. Ricoh ProcessDirector then specifies the same plain letter media for all three printers.
  2. Click the Administration tab.
  3. In the left pane, click MediaMedia Settings.
  4. Type values for Size tolerance, Weight tolerance, and Recycled content tolerance.
  5. Click SAVE.