Finding jobs in the system

Jobs that have been created by input devices and that have entered the Ricoh ProcessDirector system are displayed in the Jobs portlet.

Ricoh ProcessDirector provides different mechanisms to find jobs in the Jobs table. You can use each mechanism by itself or in combination with the others.

To find a job in the system:

  • Filter using the Filter entry field

    To search the Jobs table for specific text, you can type in the Filter field at the top of the Jobs table. As you type, the contents of the Jobs table change to show only jobs that contain that text. The text can appear in any property value that is displayed in a column on the Jobs table.

    • Entering special characters such as ?, _, *, or % might not return the list of jobs you expect.
    • If you have the Deadline Tracker feature installed and want to search for a value of the Deadline step property, search only for the step name, not the name of the phase associated with that step name. Do not include parentheses in the search text.
  • Filter using the Advanced filter

    To search the Jobs table for a specific job, you can specify the conditions that you want to use.

  • Filter using the System Summary

    If you know the phase or state (for example, Error or Manual) that the job is in, you can use the links in the System Summary to limit the number of jobs that are displayed.

  • Use the sorting and paging features of the Jobs table

    If you know the name, job ID, or other information about the job, you can sort the Jobs table by the appropriate property. Click the heading of the column that you want to sort by. The jobs are rearranged so they are in ascending order (alphabetical or numerical). Click the column heading a second time to sort the items in the table in descending order.

    When you sort on a column, you see an arrow (black arrow pointing up) next to the column header. If the arrow is pointing up (black arrow pointing up), the table is sorted based on that column in ascending order. If the arrow is pointing down (black arrow pointing down), the table is sorted based on that column in descending order.

    Ricoh ProcessDirector displays up to 1500 jobs per page. If you have more than 1500 jobs in the system, use the arrow buttons or the Page field under the table to move to the other pages.