Primary server

The Ricoh ProcessDirector base product is made up of the primary server, the user interface, and the information center. The primary server includes the IBM DB2 database, the PSF print driver, and other components. The primary server can interact with application servers and secondary servers. The number of application and secondary servers required depends on the needs of your environment. The primary computer is the computer that the primary server, along with the rest of the base product and most features, is installed on.

You install the base product on a pSeries computer that has the AIX Version 7.2, Technology Level 02 or later operating system installed. Ricoh ProcessDirector names the primary server System.

The primary server:

  • Manages all aspects of job processing, from the input devices that receive input files to the printers that print the jobs.
  • Processes each job through a series of steps, some of which can call other programs that are not part of Ricoh ProcessDirector to do special processing.
  • Manages related applications, such as:
    • The IBM DB2 database that Ricoh ProcessDirector uses to store system information.
    • The web server that it uses to display the user interface.
  • Manages this information center.
  • Controls system settings, such as the retention period for jobs after their processing completes and how frequently users must change their Ricoh ProcessDirector passwords.
  • Maintains a shared file system that application and secondary servers mount to access system-wide information.