Document properties file

The Document properties file contains values for document properties as well as properties that are not defined to Ricoh ProcessDirector to be stored in a repository. The file can contain either or both types of properties that you want to store in the repository as part of your workflow. If the property is not defined as a Ricoh ProcessDirector property, you cannot use it to retrieve a job or document from the archive, but you can see the value the job or document had for the property when it was stored.

If all of the property values to store are selected from the Document properties to store list, then the regular document properties file is used. If additional fields not known to Ricoh ProcessDirector are used, then you must create a unique document properties file. This unique document properties file must be specified in the Document properties file property of the StoreInRepository step. Additionally, you must select ALL in the Document properties to store list to ensure that the values for the additional fields are saved in the document properties file.

The file requires a header row followed by value rows in a tab-delimited format like the regular document properties file. The data in the file might look like this: (spacing between entries has been altered for clarity)

Doc.Email.Address   Doc.Custom1.AwardLevel   Member since   Anvrsry date   Gold                     3_1999         03_15   Silver                   7_2009         07_23  Tin                      9_2013         09_14