Supplied fonts

Five sets of fonts are included with the Ricoh ProcessDirector media package. The fonts are not available for download when you download Ricoh ProcessDirector. You can request the Ricoh ProcessDirector media package when you order Ricoh ProcessDirector.

The Ricoh ProcessDirector media package provides these fonts:

AFP Outline Fonts (LCD4-5683)
These fonts can be used on AIX, Linux, and Windows. They include fonts for Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.
AFP Classic OpenType Fonts (LCD2-20029)
These fonts have four styles: Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic.
AFP Asian Classic OpenType Fonts (LCD2-20055)
These fonts can be used to replace the older AFP Asian single byte character set (SBCS) fonts.
WorldType Fonts (LCD4-5684)
These are OpenType and TrueType fonts in Microsoft Unicode format.
AFP Raster Fonts (LCD4-5700)
These fonts are distinguished from AFP outline fonts because they have character set and coded font names that are eight characters rather than six characters.

To install these fonts for use with Ricoh ProcessDirector, copy all the fonts from the supplied media to the /usr/lpp/ipfonts directory on your primary computer. Be sure to copy all font files from the media subdirectories to /usr/lpp/ipfonts. Do not maintain the subdirectory structure from the source directory, but do make sure that the uppercase file names are preserved.

The AFP printer driver component and the line2afp data stream conversion component of Ricoh ProcessDirector search that directory when they need a resource to process a job.

The AFP Support feature also provides a basic set of 240-pel and 300-pel fonts (compatibility fonts). These fonts include both uniformly spaced and mixed-pitch type families. These font families are included:

  • APL
  • Boldface
  • Courier
  • Document
  • Essay
  • Format
  • Gothic
  • Letter Gothic
  • Orator
  • Prestige
  • Roman
  • Script
  • Serif
  • Symbols
  • Text