Control file for restarting the Web server

Ricoh ProcessDirector provides a control file that you can copy and edit to change the automatic Web server restart settings.
Note: Always modify your own copy of the control file, not the sample file. The sample file might be overwritten by service updates.

Ricoh ProcessDirector provides a script that automatically restarts the Web server if it fails. The control file WebserverChecker.cfg lets you set options for automatic restarts. The WebserverChecker.cfg file is installed in the /aiw/aiw1/config/ directory.

You can deactivate automatic restart using the stopchecker command. For example, you might want to deactivate the script if you need to diagnose a problem related to the Web server. If you deactivate automatic restart, or if the server has reached the maximum number of automatic restarts, you can activate the script by entering the startaiw command.

This example shows the default entries in the WebserverChecker.cfg file:

# Indicate whether the WebServer should be restarted automatically 
# if it fails (Yes or No)

# Set the maximum number of times the WebServer can be automatically 
# restarted in any 24 hour period (1-1440)

# Set the maximum number of times to retry restarting the WebServer 
# if the first attempt fails (0-3)

# Set the full path and file name of where trace information should be written
# Note:  aiw1 must have write permission to this folder