Configuring media for a Ricoh TotalFlow printer

Ricoh ProcessDirector can detect the paper that is loaded on a Ricoh TotalFlow printer and can be configured to create media objects automatically to represent that paper. Then, it can use media as a scheduling criteria and only schedule jobs to the printer when the correct paper is loaded. However, you must do more configuration to make sure that the media names are the same on the printer and in Ricoh ProcessDirector.

  • Ricoh ProcessDirector can only detect the paper that is currently loaded. It does not import the entire paper catalog.

To configure media for a Ricoh TotalFlow printer:
  1. Load paper on the printer.
  2. In Ricoh ProcessDirector, click the Administration tab.
  3. In the left pane, click MediaMedia Settings.
  4. In the Media Matching section, make sure that the Use the properties selected below option is selected.

    This setting lets Ricoh ProcessDirector use the media values reported by the printer over SNMP to determine what media is loaded. If the values do not match any existing media objects, Ricoh ProcessDirector creates media objects automatically.

    • If your jobs specify media by product ID or name, you can change the Media Matching setting back to Use media product ID or media name after you complete this procedure.

  5. Select the properties that you use to schedule jobs to printers based on the media that is ready. For example, if your job tickets specify media using paper width and weight, select Media width and Media weight.
    This setting has no effect on the media properties that the Ricoh TotalFlow printer reports to Ricoh ProcessDirector. The printer always reports all media properties that are set.
  6. Click SAVE.
  7. In the left pane, click DevicesPrinters.
  8. Find and right-click the Ricoh TotalFlow printer. Select Properties.
  9. Click the SNMP tab.
  10. Make sure the Use SNMP property is set to Yes. If it is not, change that value to Yes.
  11. Make sure the Get tray information from printer property is set to Yes.
  12. Click OK
  13. Right-click the Ricoh TotalFlow printer and select Show Trays.

    Ricoh ProcessDirector connects with the printer and retrieves information about the media that is loaded. It compares the values for width, length, weight, color, and type to the media objects that exist in Ricoh ProcessDirector. If no media exists with those values, it creates a media object with that information.

    • If the Media to use property of the printer is set to System, Ricoh ProcessDirector creates a system media object. If the Media to use property is set to Printer, Ricoh ProcessDirector creates a printer media object.
    • Ricoh ProcessDirector does not get the media name from the printer. A new name is derived from the properties of the media. In the next step, you change the media name in Ricoh ProcessDirector so that it matches the name in the printer paper catalog.

  14. Click CLOSE.
  15. In the left pane, select MediaPrinter Media or MediaSystem Media, depending on the value of the Media to use property for the Ricoh TotalFlow printer.
  16. Right-click the media that was created and select Rename.
  17. Enter the name that the Ricoh TotalFlow printer paper catalog for this media uses.
    Only include the name from the media catalog. When you click OK, Ricoh ProcessDirector adds the name of the printer and a period to the beginning of the media name.
  18. Click OK.
  19. Click the media that you renamed.
  20. Find the Send media name in job ticket property and change it to Yes.
  21. Click OK.
  22. If you changed the Media Matching setting from Use media product ID or media name to Use the properties selected below, click MediaMedia Settings and change it back, then click OK.
Now, Ricoh ProcessDirector only schedules jobs to the Ricoh TotalFlow printer when the Requested media value for a job matches the Media ready value on the printer.