Incorrect page displayed in viewer

The viewer can display pages in an unexpected order after a step that changes the order of pages in the job runs.

If the job has been processed by the ReverseOutputOrder or ReversePDFPageOrder step, the last page of the job displays as the first page.

If one or more document processing features are installed, document properties are mapped to pages when the IdentifyDocuments, IdentifyPDFDocuments, BuildAFPFromDocuments, and BuildPDFFromDocuments steps process the job. If the order of pages in the job changes after those steps, the document properties are still mapped to the page numbers in the original job. Searching using a document property returns the page in the original jobs, which might not be the page expected. To correct the problem, place all steps that alter a PDF file before the IdentifyPDFDocuments step. Place all steps that alter an AFP file before the IdentifyDocuments step.