Emailing files during job processing

You can use the SendEmail step template to email a job, a page range from a job, or any other file to one or more email addresses as part of the job's workflow. If you have the PDF Document Support feature installed, you can use the EmailDocuments step template to email documents from the job as part of the workflow.

You can add the SendEmail step to a workflow and configure it to send email with one or more attachments. When the job reaches that step, the step retrieves the files requested, attaches them to an email, and sends the email to the specified addresses. If you set the Attach ZIP file property to Yes, the step packages all of the attachments in a ZIP file and attaches it to the email.

You can use this function in various situations:

  • If the workflow uses an external formatting program to reformat jobs, you can send pages from the reformatted job to your customer for approval.
  • If your customer wants to archive jobs in their own system, you can send jobs to them after they have printed.
  • If you have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with your customers, you can send notifications to them (including sample pages from jobs) when key steps complete.

You can use the EmailDocuments step to send individual PDF documents from the job as attachments to an email. For example, you can send each customer's statement to a separate email address by specifying the ${Doc.EmailAddress} property in the Recipient address field on the step. Using individual customer email addresses is useful if the job produces output such as customer statements or insurance policy updates.

To use either the SendEmail or EmailDocuments step, you must configure your system to connect to an SMTP server. If you send some email from one email server and some email from a different email server, you can configure a default SMTP server and an Alternate SMTP server for the system. When you add either step to a workflow, you can choose which SMTP server to use.

  • You cannot use the Alternate SMTP server for email notifications. Notifications are sent through the default SMTP server.