Custom job properties

You can use custom job properties to set values that do not correspond to any other job properties that are available. You can set default values for these custom job properties in your workflows and change them just as you can any other editable job properties.

Custom job properties can be useful in various situations:

  • To provide additional sorting and filtering options in the Jobs table
  • To pass values that are unique to your company with the job, so they can be printed on banner pages or used by downstream processes
  • To include a value that does not otherwise appear in the job properties in a command that invokes an external program

Ricoh ProcessDirector provides 10 properties that can be used as custom job properties. In the job properties notebook, they are labeled Custom 1 through Custom 10.

You cannot change the names of the properties; you can only change their values.

You can set default values for one of more of the custom job properties on the SetJobPropsFromTextFile step in a workflow. If you use an overrides file to set job properties, you can include values for the custom properties in it. After the values are set, you can use them in symbol formulas as needed.

You can also set default values for custom job properties using the Manage job defaults action in the Workflow editor. Right-click on the Workflow editor and select Manage job defaults.