Troubleshooting manual failover environment installation errors

If you see errors when setting up a manual failover environment, check the following:
  • If your production server, failover server, and file server cannot communicate with each other, make sure the correct ports on your firewall are open.
  • If you switch between the production server and the failover server, and one of the servers cannot start up, then there might be locks on the file system. This is typically caused by one of the servers not being shut down correctly. To determine if this is the issue:
    1. In a command prompt, type su - aiw1 -c "db2start;db2 connect to aiwdb"

      Look in the results for a message like this: SQL1391N The database is already in use by another instance of the database manager. SQLSTATE=51023

      If you see a similar message, you must release the locks on the database.

    2. Reboot the fileserver to release the locks.