Migrating to LDAP security

If you have been using Ricoh ProcessDirector user IDs and passwords to authenticate into Ricoh ProcessDirector, you can migrate to use LDAP user IDs and passwords.
You must have an existing LDAP or Active Directory server.
To migrate to LDAP security:
  1. Upgrade to Ricoh ProcessDirector Version 3.3 or later for LDAP security support.
  2. Install the Security feature using Feature Manager.
  3. Make sure that all users who authenticate into Ricoh ProcessDirector have working LDAP user IDs and passwords.
  4. Set up LDAP authentication and turn it on.
  5. All users who are members of Ricoh ProcessDirector security groups must be members of LDAP groups that map to Ricoh ProcessDirector groups.
    • Make sure that members of the Ricoh ProcessDirector Administrator security group are members of an LDAP group that maps to the Administrator group.
  6. Manually delete existing Ricoh ProcessDirector users that are not LDAP users.
    • User IDs that were defined in Ricoh ProcessDirector cannot be used when LDAP authentication is on. If for some reason you need to turn LDAP authentication off, you are responsible for keeping at least one user who is a member of the Administrator security group but is not an LDAP user.