Installing in a high availability environment

Ricoh ProcessDirector can be installed on the systems that use IBM PowerHA for failover operations.

In this configuration, Ricoh ProcessDirector is installed on two AIX computers, each one running PowerHA. Some of the file systems that Ricoh ProcessDirector uses are created on an external storage system that both the active and backup computers can access in an IBM PowerHA environment. When processing moves from one server to the other, the objects are not affected.

Each AIX computer must include two network interface cards (NICs): one uses a unique IP address (hostname) and can be used to administer the system; the other uses the Service IP address for Ricoh ProcessDirector. Users access the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface through the Service IP address. The Service IP address is only active on one computer at a time.

You must configure PowerHA to manage the Ricoh ProcessDirector Service IP address, the shared file system, and starting and stopping Ricoh ProcessDirector.

Contact Software Support for assistance with installing and configuring a high availability environment.