Other hardware requirements

  • If you are going to download the base product TAR file for installation, you must identify or create file system on your primary server large enough to accommodate the TAR file. The required size is specified on the installation downloads Web page.
  • If you are going to download the base product ISO image for installation, a dual layer DVD drive or equivalent.

    The installation program for the Ricoh ProcessDirector base product is provided on a DVD or as an ISO image; features are included with the base product, but updated features might be provided on DVDs, ISO images, or TAR files. To install the product you must either:

    • Use a DVD drive that is installed in either the primary or the secondary computer. In this case, you run the installation programs from the DVDs or CDs.
    • Use a DVD drive on another UNIX-based system in your network. In this case, you copy the installation program and supporting files into a remote location on a UNIX-based system in your network and use the network installation procedure to install Ricoh ProcessDirector.
      • Due to operating system incompatibilities, you cannot use a DVD drive on a Windows system to copy the files into a staging location on a Linux or AIX computer.

      You can either copy the installation program and supporting files onto the primary computer, the secondary computer, or onto a separate file server.

    • Mount the ISO image to the primary server.
    • Extract the TAR file to the primary server.

  • If you install remotely or from a network location, the directory that you store the installers in must have sufficient room for the downloaded files. The ISO Downloads page on the Ricoh website specifies how much space is required for each package. See Downloading installation files for more details.
  • If you install your own licensed copy of the DB2 server on a different computer and use a DB2 client on the primary computer to interact with it, the computer that the DB2 server is installed on must have a minimum of 4 GB available RAM for each DB2 instance that you create for Ricoh ProcessDirector to use.
  • If you install the Ink Savvy feature, the Ink Savvy tool must run on a Windows primary computer or a Windows application server connected to a Linux or AIX primary computer. You can either install the application server on the the same computer as the Ink Savvy tool, or you can use a shared directory to send files to Ink Savvy.
  • If you install the PDF Document Support feature, the Ricoh ProcessDirector Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat must run on a Windows computer. See Ricoh ProcessDirector: Installing Document Processing Features, G550-20312, for hardware requirements.