When you order Ricoh ProcessDirector , you receive one or more installation discs unless you specified no media:

  • A DVD that holds the base product and installers for trial versions of the features that can be installed using Feature Manager.
  • DVDs and CDs that hold supplied fonts. See Supplied fonts

  • If you purchased a Secondary Server feature, a CD that holds the secondary server installer.
  • If you purchased any of the Ricoh Transforms, DVDs that hold the installers for each transform.
  • If you purchased the Ink Savvy feature, a CD that holds the installer for the Ink Savvy tool.

If you want to install the software before the discs arrive, you can download ISO images from the Ricoh Production Print website: To download the software, follow the instructions in Downloading installation files. After downloading an ISO image, use DVD and CD burning software to create a DVD or CD.

Alternatively, you can download a TAR file of the installation program. To download the software, follow the instructions in Downloading installation files.

The Ricoh ProcessDirector Secondary Server feature and application servers are the only components that are installed on different computers.

  1. Ricoh ProcessDirector is installed in trial mode. After you install, you can download and install license keys for the features that you have purchased. See Downloading and installing license keys for Ricoh ProcessDirector for more information.
  2. The installation instructions for installing Ricoh ProcessDirector on an active computer with a backup computer in a manual failover configuration are different than for installing on a primary computer alone. See Installing a manual failover environment.
  3. The installation instructions describe how to install with a graphical display. If you cannot run the installation program in graphical mode, use console mode to install with a text-based installation program. To start the installer in console mode, insert -console in the command after the word setup. For example, to install the base product, type:
    • ./setup -console

    To use the installer in console mode:

    • Press Enter to move to the next screen.
    • Type back to return to the previous screen.
    • Type quit to exit the installer.

  4. If the computer where you plan to install the base product already has a Ricoh ProcessDirector Secondary Server feature installed, you must uninstall the Secondary Server feature before you install the base product. See Uninstalling Secondary Server features from AIX or Linux computersfor details.
  5. To migrate your objects from a primary server running on one operating system to a primary server running on a different operating system, follow the instructions in Copying objects from another system after installing Ricoh ProcessDirector.
  6. Ricoh ProcessDirector is not guaranteed to work with third party products installed on the server, such as antivirus programs and network sniffers. Such programs may affect ports or files which are needed for Ricoh ProcessDirector to function normally.