Completing the upgrade process

After you upgrade Ricoh ProcessDirector, you must do a few more steps to make the transition easier.
The upgrade process converts your objects to versions that are compatible with the new Ricoh ProcessDirector version. All your existing users and groups exist, so your users can log in using the same names and they have the same authority levels. When you log in, you see all of your printers, input devices, and other objects.

To complete the upgrade process:

  1. Before they log in for the first time, tell your users to clear their browser cache.
    Information that is stored in the browser cache can cause errors when users try to use the newer level. Clearing the cache prevents those errors.
  2. Make sure that all your configuration files are in the right locations, so your jobs can find them. Restore any configuration files that you store outside of the /aiw/aiw1 file system.