Verifying the installation

If you have finished installing Ricoh ProcessDirector and want to verify the installation, use this procedure to enable the Sample printer, submit a test job to the HotFolderPDF input device, and process the job.
This verification procedure only applies to new installations. When you upgrade an existing installation, Ricoh ProcessDirector does not create a Sample printer.
To verify the installation:
  1. If you are not logged in to the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface, log in.
  2. In the Printers portlet, right-click the Sample printer and select Enable.
  3. On the command line, enter this command to copy a test file into the hot folder that the HotFolderPDF input device monitors:
    • cp /aiw/aiw1/testfiles/Demo.pdf /aiw/aiw1/System/hf/defaultPDF
  4. Wait a few seconds for the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface to refresh. If it does not refresh automatically, refresh your browser.You should see a job in the Jobs table on the Main page. The job's Phase should be Complete, and its State should be Retained.
    If you do not see a job, see the Job not appearing in Jobs table troubleshooting topic in the Ricoh ProcessDirector information center. Click Help () from the top task bar of the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface to see the information center.
  5. Right-click the job and select View Log. The log should show that the job printed. For example, if the job ID is 10000000, the log should show message AIWI0016I: 10000000 printed. The job does not print on a real printer.
    This verifies that Ricoh ProcessDirector is installed correctly.
The PDF workflow processes jobs that are submitted to the HotFolderPDF input device. During the Prepare phase, the workflow runs a RunExternalProgram step. This step is an example of how you can integrate other programs into your workflow. The step produces a CSV file with information about the job. To see the type of information that you can access with a step in a workflow, look at the output in the CSV file. The file is in the /aiw/aiw1/samples directory. The file name is the job ID followed by info.csv. For example,