Verifying the installation

If you have finished installing Ricoh ProcessDirector and want to verify the installation, use this procedure to enable the Sample printer, submit a test job to the HotFolderPDF input device, and process the job.
This verification procedure only applies to new installations. When you upgrade an existing installation, Ricoh ProcessDirector does not create a Sample printer.
To verify the installation:
  1. If you are not logged in to the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface, log in.
  2. In the Printers portlet, right-click the Sample printer and select Enable.
  3. On the command line, enter this command to copy a test file into the hot folder that the HotFolderPDF input device monitors:
    • cp /aiw/aiw1/testfiles/Demo.pdf /aiw/aiw1/System/hf/defaultPDF
  4. Wait a few seconds for the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface to refresh. If it does not refresh automatically, refresh your browser.You should see a job in the Jobs table on the Main page. The job's Phase should be Complete, and its State should be Retained.
  5. Right-click the job and select View Log. The log should show that the job printed. For example, if the job ID is 10000000, the log should show message AIWI0016I: 10000000 printed. The job does not print on a real printer.
    This verifies that Ricoh ProcessDirector is installed correctly.
The PDF workflow processes jobs that are submitted to the HotFolderPDF input device. During the Prepare phase, the workflow runs a RunExternalProgram step. This step is an example of how you can integrate other programs into your workflow. The step produces a CSV file with information about the job. To see the type of information that you can access with a step in a workflow, look at the output in the CSV file. The file is in the /aiw/aiw1/samples directory. The file name is the job ID followed by info.csv. For example,

  • Your software installs in trial mode. The trial license expires after 60 days.