Creating a capture file

You can use the data capture function to collect all the information needed to help diagnose your problem and package it in a ZIP file that you can send to Software Support.
Software Support can tell you if a capture file is required and what data should be included.
  • You can use the Easy Capture button to gather initial tracing and system information to provide to the support team. The Easy Capture function uses your browser’s download function to transfer the ZIP file of diagnostic information onto your workstation, making it easy to provide the file to Software Support. You may need to use the CAPTURE button later, if directed by Software Support, to help with debugging.

To create a capture file:

  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the left pane, click DiagnosticsData Capture.
  3. On the Data Capture page, set the options according to the instructions from Software Support.
  4. Click CAPTURE.
    The capture process runs in the background, so you can continue using Ricoh ProcessDirector while the capture file is created. You can only create one capture file at a time.
  5. To check if the capture process has finished creating the capture file, open the Data Capture page.
    A status message reports either that the process is still running or that it has completed. The Last capture completed property specifies the date and time when a capture last completed.

When the process finishes, you can find the capture file in the location specified in the File name for last capture property.