Job is punched or stapled incorrectly

When you specify options for job finishing, the output might not be what you requested. These are possible reasons.
  • Available punching and stapling options vary from printer to printer. You can configure some Ricoh ProcessDirector printers to be punch-capable or staple-capable, but you cannot configure their finishing patterns for punching or stapling. Therefore, Ricoh ProcessDirector might schedule a job to a printer that does not support the punch or staple patterns that you requested. When this happens, the printer applies its best equivalent punch or staple pattern.
  • Inline form definitions override the Punch and Staple job properties. If you use an inline form definition for an AFP job, you must specify finishing options there.
  • Stapling values for page exceptions replace stapling instructions for a job.
  • Stapling values for page exceptions are only applied by PDF jobs with JDF job tickets sent to Ricoh PDF printers or Passthrough printers that can read JDF.
  • For a Custom PDF printer, the custom printer definition file sets the values of printer properties. Check with your Ricoh support representative to make sure that the file is correct.

To view and update the appropriate properties:

  1. Right-click the job and select Properties.
    1. Make sure the Punch property on the Scheduling tab is set correctly.
    2. Make sure the Stapling required property on the Scheduling tab is set correctly.

      If it is not, check the Staple property for the job and the stapling requested by any page exceptions. Update them as needed.

  2. You might need to examine the method you used to submit the job and the options it provides for specifying finishing properties. The finishing properties might not have been submitted correctly in the job ticket.
  3. If the job had a Punch or Staple value, check the job log to see if the value changed after you submitted it.
    1. Right-click the job and select View log.
    2. Set the log to show property changes and search for Punch or Staple.
  4. Look at the banner page or the job log to get the name of the printer that printed the job.
  5. In the Printers portlet on the Main page, select the printer that printed the job and click Properties. On the Scheduling tab, check whether the printer can punch or staple.
  6. For page exceptions, make sure that your printer supports page exception stapling. Not all printers that support job stapling support page exception stapling. Refer to your printer operation manual.
    Note: If a Ricoh PDF printer does not support page exception stapling, it staples jobs that require job stapling only when the Merge banner pages into PDF print file property on the Banner Pages tab is set to No. If the property is set to Yes, the printer does not staple the job.