Whole job reprints instead of selected pages

If you select a page range when you reprint a job, but the entire job reprints, the workflow might not include required steps, or reprinting might be starting at the wrong step.

Required steps

To reprint pages in a job, the workflow must include both the CountPages and CreatePageRanges steps. CountPages must run before CreatePageRanges and before PrintJobs. If you have the AFP Support feature installed, you can replace the CountPages step with the EnableRepositioning step. In addition to calculating page counts, EnableRepositioning lets you use the Print again or Jump to functions with AFP data that contains index tags. However, EnableRepositioning requires more processing time, so using CountPages is more efficient if you do not need the additional function.

Where to restart

The step property Step restart type specifies whether Ricoh ProcessDirector can restart processing at the step. A value of Print means that the Print again action can restart at the step. If more than one step in a workflow has Step restart type set to Print, Ricoh ProcessDirector restarts printing at the first of these steps.

In the sample workflows that Ricoh ProcessDirector supplies, the first step with a Step restart type value of Print is CreatePageRanges. CreatePageRanges uses the value you specify in the Pages field in the View function to create a subset of the job for reprinting.

If printing restarts at a step before the CreatePageRanges step, the reprint process might not use the value in the Pages field. Without this value, the whole job reprints.