Apply any or all of the following conditions

Specifies whether a job must meet all of the conditions specified by a rule or any one of the conditions.


All (default)
A job is sent through the connector if it meets all of the conditions. The conditions have an AND relationship.
A job is sent through the connector if it meets any condition. The conditions have an OR relationship.
A job is sent through the connector if a compound condition is met. If you define three or more conditions, you can use AND and OR to build a compound condition.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • This property supports both simple and compound conditions.
  • The Summary field shows the result of your selection in a database query format.
  • If you select Custom, an entry field appears. Use the numbers to the left of each condition to build the rules for combining conditions in this field. Enter parentheses to group the conditions logically. For example, when three conditions are specified, enter ( 1 OR 2 ) AND 3 if condition 3 must be included with either 1 or 2, compared to 1 OR ( 2 AND 3 ) where either condition 1 or both conditions 2 and 3 must be included.